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The contents of the collection include conceptual, surreal and atmospheric images in both colour and monochrome. There are also more traditional landscape, seascape and city location ideas explored which have a strong sense of design.

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CONCEPTUAL - Ideas-themes-exploration-elements-fractal patterns-trees-water-rocks.
ABSTRACT - Surreal-dramatic-moody-dark-atmospheric.
LAND - England-Wales-Scotland-mountain-moorland-valley-glen-agriculture-crops-islands-lakes-lochs-reservoirs-water-geological-topographical.
SKY - SEA - Summer-winter-sunset-sunrise-storm-sea-cloud-beach-lighthouse-geological.
TRAVEL - India-Kerala-backwaters-Thailand-Korea-France-Spain-fishing boats-Camargue-long neck Karen women-asian elephants-fishermen-Chinese fishing nets-Thai Women-traditional costume.

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